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Bachelor Party Games

Below is a breakdown of a few popular bachelor party games that help attain revenue. Each stag will have their own outcome.

 50/50 Draw​
The event holder will predetermine the price of the ticket. A reasonable price is between $10 – $20 per ticket. Tickets will be offered throughout the evening of the party. Just prior to the end of the evening the 50/50 draw is made giving one winner half of the money collected, leaving the other half for the bride and groom.

Joker Poker​
Our Joker Poker board contains 101 cards, one card being a joker.  The object is to locate the joker and win a prize (usually cash).  You could ask for $10 per card or 3 for $20.  The  selling price is up to the event holder. Each guest will write their name on as many cards as they have purchased. Once the board is filled or at the end of the evening you will revile the winner. The winner will typically receive $100 and the balance of the money goes to the bride and groom.
The Joker Poker Board should be kept at the entrance of stag party. Upon entrance and check-in you can offer your guests to play Joker Poker.

Raffle Prizes​
Hostesses will normally sell raffle tickets starting at $20, $30 or more depending on the individual.  This is one of the exciting elements of the game, as hugs for examples are given to an individual who aggress to pay $30 for raffle tickets. Whether the prize have been donated or purchased will be one of the determining factors on the amount of profit. It is very important to obtain prizes that will entice your guests.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Golf/Plinko Challenge
Bring out the competitiveness of your guests! With this game you have so many options on what to offer your guests. Normally a fixed cost per number of tries if offered. After the contest is over, the person with the highest score wins a pre-designated prize.

Tooney Toss
A prize, most commonly a bottle of liquor, is used as a target at which guests throw a tooney in each attempt to achieve the closest distance from the object. The person who gets their tooney closest to the bottle after everyone has had ‘x’ number of tries, wins.