Plinko Game Rental

The player is given three round flat disc, called a Plinko chip. The Plinko board is made up of a field of pegs, with each row offset from the previous row. At the bottom of the board are five slots that you can mark according to the prizes that you are giving away.

One at a time, the player lays each Plinko chip flat against the top of the board and releases it. As the chip falls, it is deflected by pegs, making it virtually impossible to predict where the chips will land. In addition, the sides of the board are in a zig-zag pattern which also allows the chips to ricochet back toward the center. The contestant wins whatever prize corresponds with the slot the chip lands in.

If a chip becomes stuck on the board, it is knocked free; the drop does not count, and the chip is returned to the contestant to drop again. The Plinko game rental is a great addition to a child’s birthday, shower, stag, corporate event, trade shows and more.

Plinko Rentals are one of the hottest promotional games! Plinko Boards create excitement when people play Plinko.